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Tenant anger over pizza chain’s Spiderman promotion outside Chalcots crisis block

Domino's says any upset was 'unintentional'

27 June, 2017 — By Tom Foot

The Spiderman near Blashford

DOMINO’S Pizza has apologised “for any unintentional upset” after it was criticised for a human billboard promotion outside the crisis-hit Chalcots estate.

Carole Nolan, who has lived on the estate Adelaide Road for more than 40 years, slammed the firm as a “disgrace” for promoting its special offers outside her block with a woman in a superhero costume in the middle of the estate’s fire safety crisis and with thousands of residents evacuated.

She said a ‘spiderman’ posted himself close to the Blashford tower block today (Wednesday) with a hoarding promoting special pizza deals. The takeaway company said it had contracted an advertising agency to provide “superhero promotions teams”.

“How dare they?”, Ms Nolan said. “It is so immoral. Shame on Domino’s. How can they come up here and try and sell their pizzas at this time? I have been here for more than 50 years years and we’ve never had anyone canvassing with billboards like this. Yesterday, it was a man. I told him them to go away and I called the police – he ran off, but he came back again. The one this morning (Tuesday) was a woman.”

Media crews including cameras from news channels have been at the estate all week, while tenants have been returning to collect items.

Residents in Blashford – one of five blocks in the Chalcots estate in Swiss Cottage – were originally told on Friday night they were being evacuated, but in the early hours of the morning councillors were going door to door saying they could stay in their homes as the tower had been constructed differently to the other four. The council is making fire safety changes to the block while residents remain in the building.

“We are being re-fire proofed at the moment,” Ms Nolan said.

Louise Butler, a spokeswoman for Domino’s, said: “Our agency supplies superhero promotions teams who cover a radius around the store, which includes the Blashford block, and one team member was chatting with passers-by, unconnected with the Blashford residents. We apologise for any unintentional upset caused at a sensitive time”.

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