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Teenager hit by falling plaster as council flat ceiling collapses

Camden Council will 'progress this repair as quickly as possible'

13 April, 2017 — By Tom Foot

Bridget McCarthy with sons Conor and Ricky, standing under the hole that appeared in their ceiling.

A TEENAGER and his dog were hit by chunks of falling plaster and drenched in water after a ceiling collapsed on them.

Mother Bridget McCarthy said she had complained to the council about leaks at her maisonette in Kiln Place, Gospel Oak, several times over the past three years.

Ms McCarthy, who has lived around Queen’s Crescent all her life, said: “Conor was asleep on the chair and the whole thing fell on him. Our dog Bruno, too, he’s with the RSPCA – it breaks my heart. A lot of stuff has been destroyed: the TV, the Xbox, the sofas, a new bed, lots of clothes.” Ricky, 23, said a punchbag his grandad had given him had been destroyed by the water damage.

Ms McCarthy said: “The fire brigade came round and they couldn’t believe the state of it. I’ve been telling the council about the leak for years, they’ve sent people round but it never gets fixed. To be honest, I’ve had it with this place. I’m scared to be here. They offered me a two-bed in Greenwich yesterday. But when I told them I couldn’t afford to get there they said they wouldn’t give me anything. Then they offered a hostel, but when I got there they said they couldn’t put me up there because I still had a tenancy. That fell through, too.”

Ms McCarthy suffers from epilepsy and said the anxiety had caused her to have a fit. After being contacted by the New Journal, the council said it had found suitable tempor­ary accommoda­tion and the family had been moved in.

A Camden Council spokesman said: “We have been working with the family to support them at this time. Following our initial inspections we have found no evidence of leaks from either the plumbing or the heating to date, but our investigations will be ongoing. We have been working with Mrs McCarthy’s family to provide support and have found temporary accommodation for the family whilst we work to repair the ceiling. We will progress this repair as quickly as possible.”

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