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Talacre questions, no Talacre answers

11 September, 2020

Development at the edge of Talacre Park, overhanging Prince of Wales Road 

• FOLLOWING my letter (The missing millions seems a major scandal, July 16) I submitted a Freedom of Information request to Camden Council requesting details of any expert that had been appointed regarding the sale of the freehold at the Talacre site in Kentish Town.

The response, received on September 3, stated only that: “No expert has been appointed.”

This appears to contrast with a previous FOI request reply dated October 23 2017 which stated: “The current situation is still being assessed… carried out with the support of external legal, technical and professional advice because of the complexities…”; on February 3 this year that: “We are in the process of obtaining further legal advice from external Counsel”; and on June 16 this year that: “the matter is still subject to internal review service.”

In the same response of September 3 in respect of the recovery of funds from Hazlewood Properties Ltd Camden simply confirmed that the company is registered in the British Virgin Islands but refused to provide further information as “the advice you requested is not a matter for FOI (which simply allows access to recorded information). You can seek an opinion from your own legal adviser.”

The question again arises as to why Camden Council is continuing to be evasive, for reasons unknown, in an issue regarding a significant amount of public funds. If errors have been made then surely full disclosure with a plan for the recovery of money owed is the only way forward.

Hampden Road, N10


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