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Talacre is an important space, The Friends invite you to the AGM on September 11

07 September, 2017

• TALACRE needs you is quite a simple message. The news is full of government’s warnings that austerity cuts mean our open spaces are at risk.

With no money available to maintain them, private financiers might be invited to move in and charge local residents to use the amenities. What is needed right now is a clear message that residents will not let that happen.

Talacre has a unique history – residents fought to get a reluctant council to transform a “blitzed” area into a park.

And when developers thought they could move in and drive a road through it in 2007, local residents launched the Friends of Talacre Gardens to save their park and persuade their council to register their open space as Town Green. After a three-year fierce battle they succeeded. Talacre can no longer be sold off.

Now, more than ever we need the park to maintain its stability and thrive. Each local resident can make a difference.

Please join the Friends of Talacre Gardens/Town Green and voice your opinion. Make sure that Talacre remains available for the good of this community.

Come to the AGM on Monday September 11 at 7pm sharp at the Talacre Community Sports Centre on Dalby Street off Prince of Wales Road. Everyone is welcome.

JILL FRASER, Grafton Road, NW5


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