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Take a good look at what’s happening to our post offices

02 August, 2018

Post office in Camden Town High Street

• WHAT a brilliant letter from Elizabeth Wilson about a very serious matter, (We should resist this privatisation by the Post Office, July 26).

I watched with concern the closure of the large post office in Kentish Town as it moved across the road into the greetings card shop. How lucky was I then to be able to stand in a long line while heads bobbed around me looking at sympathy cards, cuddly teddy bears and birthday cake candles. Hmm.

In the case of Kentish Town, it was clear the Post Office franchisee was paying for space it did not need in its former, larger, premises but the outside cash machine operated by Bank of Ireland as part of its banking services was pulled out and went to cash machine heaven.

One less cash machine for Bank of Ireland to maintain, fill up and worry about. Curious. Particularly given their tie up with the Post Office financial services including DWP Post Office Card-holders who have no access to cash in the area until the cuddly toy shop opposite opens the following morning. Hmm, again.

Now, we have Camden High Street post office going the same way – trust me – to be shoved into the corner of yet another shop unit – maybe a funeral parlour just to cheer everyone up as we wait in line.

And, of course, the Bank of Ireland-operated cash machine outside the post office in Camden Town will also go to cash machine heaven (forgive the pun).

Remember the post office in Kentish Town was/is a franchise; the one in Camden Town is not. It looks like the Crown Post Office, the Bank of Ireland and franchisees, when they want to downsize for their own economic convenience, also want to have their cake and eat it.

Maybe the Camden Town post office can therefore relocate to a branch of Patisserie Valerie. Next to the doughnuts, please. I love doughnuts.

Camden Road, NW1


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