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Support is strong, download Labour’s manifesto

18 May, 2017

• A WARM thank you to the thousands of Hampstead & Kilburn residents who have already confirmed they will be voting Labour.

Hundreds of Labour activists like myself are out knocking on every door, joined by dozens of others from elsewhere.
I’m not so foolhardy as to say that in a marginal seat like this our Labour candidate, Tulip Siddiq, has her re-election in the bag. But I can report a strong wave of support for Tulip.

People are aware of her excellent record, and we are getting more and more requests for “Vote Labour” posters to put in front windows. Passers-by are going out of their way to come over to say hello. Bus drivers are tooting their horns. Cyclists are giving the thumbs up.

And now that Jeremy Corbyn and the shadow cabinet have announced Labour’s fantastic manifesto, the difference between the two main parties could not be clearer. In less than three weeks we can re-elect Tulip Siddiq and begin taking the country, as a whole, in a completely new direction.

On the doorstep I can report that the desire for a Labour government is very strong. Labour will create an economy that helps everyone; end zero-hours contracts; bring in a £10 per hour minimum wage; keep the triple lock on pensions; build thousands of new council houses with secure tenure; end the Tory destruction of the NHS; nationalise the railways, recruit 10,000 extra police officers; abolish student loans… I could go on.

The alternative? Five more years of cuts, privatisation, and cruelty from the nasty party. Nothing else.

I invite readers to download the complete Labour Manifesto from and read it for themselves. Taken together, Labour’s policies point this country in an exciting new direction for the 21st century, with a new politics based on everyone helping everyone else – as we do in our ordinary lives anyway.

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