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Students occupy UCL building in support of striking lecturers

Students are occupying main UCL building

09 March, 2020 — By Helen Chapman

Students occupying the building today

University students are occupying a UCL building in support of striking lecturers.

The move by a group of University of London students, who call themselves ‘Liberate the University,’ is part of a national move by students to escalate ongoing strike action.

They have been occupying UCL’s main building since 7am this morning and have blocked the entrance to the Provost’s office.

It comes after strike action among lecturers which started last month calling for better work conditions, culminating in a mass walk-out this week.

Students in support of lecturers are demanding an end to contracts in which staff are not paid over the summer months, a maximum 35-hour work week for all staff to allow a work-life balance and a pay rise to meet London living costs.

They said in a statement: “Our lecturers are tired. We are tired of seeing our lecturers’ workloads grow at the same time as their pay falls. We are tired of striking and seeing no results. We are tired of being treated as assets.

“Direct action is disruptive, which is why it is so effective but we want to do more than just disrupt. We want to provide a tangible way for students to get involved in the strikes that is more active than joining picket lines.”

The group are planning a week long cultural programme featuring talks, discussions, film screenings.

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