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Stop the closure of Bassett Street Community Garden

31 October, 2019

• COUNCILLORS – please stop closure of Bassett Street Community Garden, NW5, vegetable growing space. This great community garden ticks all the boxes. Please do not close it to growers.

A minority of residents of adjacent 54 flats, want to keep it for themselves alone. A majority of these residents think a community garden is a good shared use.

There are about 80 little plots used by a variety of people, of all races, from Queen’s Crescent area. It is difficult to grow in NW5, there are not enough spaces, and my garden is too overshadowed to grow vegetables.

What better way, for lower-income people and pensioners to stretch their tight budget, ready for Brexit increases, by learning to home grow the best of no-chemical, freshest, food?

What better way for us all to reduce the stress of low-income city living, than the good, healthy, exertion of gardening, known to reduce stress and depression, especially when linked to more sociability?

What better way to teach our children and grandchildren to eat healthily, in this climate of obesity?

What better way to get to know your neighbours, than a gardening club, very much needed for lessening local tensions; every faith, working together and having festive afternoons, with shared interests?

Lissenden Gardens, NW5


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