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Some of the route changes make sense, but I’d still like the map

11 October, 2018

The Route 88 will cover many of the same stops as the C2

• I AM surprised that Tomasz Sepetkowski is taken in by the misleading press headlines regarding the C2 bus service, (The salami slicing of our bus services must stop, October 4).

As has been previously stated, it is being replaced by Route 88 being extended back from Camden Town, the 88 present terminus, to Parliament Hill Fields, the present C2 terminus, so there will still be a service all the way to Oxford Circus and beyond, to Clapham Common.

Moreover, the 88 present route duplicates many others between Camden Town and Warren Street, so it is being diverted to use the C2 route via Albany Street instead, thus directly replacing the C2 almost the whole way. Details are in a map on the bus stops.

Since the mayor implemented a fares freeze, TfL revenue is reducing and costs rising, hence the need to makes sensible rationalisation where it can, and certainly to avoid duplication.

It is also part of the mayor’s strategy to reduce pollution, particularly the number of buses around Oxford Street, hence the numerous route alterations, diversions and terminating short of previous destinations. This may not be so convenient but it makes sense in terms of costs, traffic and pollution.

What is of more concern to me is that annual publication of the excellent free bus maps, which have been published regularly since London General Omnibus Co days (that is, in the 1920s and 1930s before even London Transport was formed) have been stopped on cost grounds.

So the latest available central London and area maps of March 2016 are hopelessly out of date and misleading, so one has no convenient way of working out journeys when in town as there have been so many changes.

It is a great pity and I deeply regret the loss of a long-standing and very helpful tradition, and a wonderful way to explore the city, map in hand.

Thurlow Road, NW3


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