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So, You Want to Work for the Royals? Four Jobs You Could Go for

20 September, 2019

Are you obsessed with the Royal Family? Have you always wondered what it would be like to say that the Queen – or at least one of her relatives – is your boss? Well, the good news is that the Royal Family depends on a wide range of staff members to make sure that their day to day lives run smoothly. From serving food to cleaning the palace or managing the royal social media accounts, there are more career options than you might realise up for grabs with Britain’s favourite family.

#1. Social Media Manager:

In the digital world, even the Queen needs her own Instagram account – but nobody would expect her to manage it all by herself. So, she pays somebody to manage her social media accounts for her and make sure that she’s always showing her best self to the world. As a social media manager for the Royal Family, you will be tasked with posting to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to keep the public updated with the Royals. You’d be writing posts about what the Queen or her relatives are getting up to, such as state visits and award ceremonies.

#2. Private Tutor:

The Royal Family is expanding – and while William and Kate’s super-cute brood are expected to go to school, the Royals have a long history of hiring private tutors for their kids, too. If you love working with children and have always wanted to meet his Highness Prince George – qualifying as a high-end private tutor may just be your ticket to working directly with the nation’s favourite little ones. But you’ll need to be highly qualified if you want to be in with a chance of passing your knowledge onto little Princes and Princesses, so get started by obtaining a masters degree in education UK.

#3. Groom:

Do you love horses? Then you’re in luck – because so does the Queen. In fact, she’s had horses and ponies for as long as she can remember, starting out with her beloved Shetland Pony Peggy when she was just four years old. Whilst this job isn’t one that would come up often, it’s worth keeping your eye out for when the Queen needs a new groom – it’s an important job and would get you plenty of perks too, such as accommodation at Windsor Castle. You’d be tasked with keeping those royal stables clean and tidy, exercising the Queen’s steeds and training the young horses – what a perfect job!

#4. Gardener:

If you’ve got green fingers, love the outdoors and want to work for the Queen, then you could well become her gardener. And, Buckingham Palace and all the other royal dwellings certainly have no shortage of greenery – 210,000m² at the palace, to be exact. You’ll be responsible for maintaining the gardens and grounds – mowing the lawns, tending to the terrace and other formal areas, tending to the Queen’s fruit and vegetable gardens, and maintaining the ponds and pine tree forest.

From gardening to managing the business side of things, your dream of working for the Royal Family could easily become a reality if you have what it takes.


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