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So the wait for three Labour councillors in Highgate ward goes on…

10 May, 2018

• SO our wait for three Labour councillors in Highgate goes on. Though I missed out at last Thursday’s election, I am pleased with how we ran our campaign. We gave it our all and can be proud of how we conducted ourselves.

I believe that with three Labour councillors in Highgate we would have been able to get more done but want to congratulate Oliver Lewis and Anna Wright on deservedly being elected.

While maintaining the moral high ground may not win more votes, it is important to stick to your principles; I have always believed in putting honesty and integrity above all else, and all three of us were very clear that we would not stoop to the depths that some of our opponents were willing to.

Our campaign was a positive one all about what we could achieve in Highgate and Camden. Now that the campaign is over, I want to clarify a few points that were made over the past months.

Camden Council is not some sort of “one-party state”, as one of our opponents implied; individual councillors do have an opinion and a voice regardless of the party they represent.

The council has faced huge cuts from the Tory government over the past few years and has coped very well given the circumstances. Building new council housing, investing in schools, talking the poorest in our community out of paying council tax and investing in our communities are all achievements that Camden’s Labour administration can be proud of.

Since the new system of bin collections was introduced, recycling is up by over 10 per cent (and not down as it was suggested). Just to clarify, weekly collections still exist for recycling and food waste; I know from conversations on the doorstep that residents have been misled by some parties, being told that all collections have been cut to fortnightly.

I look forward to the new facilities at William Ellis and Parliament Hill schools being completed, and the Highgate Newtown Community Centre redevelopment will leave the community with a self-sufficient state-of-the-art community centre.

Of course, in these tough times compromises are sometimes needed in order to achieve the end goal. However, there is a difference between being a voice of protest and offering genuine scrutiny.

I know that Olly and Anna will do a good job and make sure that Highgate gets what it needs over the next four years.

Labour candidate for Highgate


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