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Shoulder to shoulder… what about the replacement of the trees?

21 March, 2019

• I WAS saddened to read the councillors’ letter “we’ve stood should to shoulder with residents on HS2” (Letters, March 14).

They mention “a commitment to fund the replacement of all trees lost”. What was agreed was one-for-one replacement; this is nothing to brag about, it was not what the majority of the community wanted.

I do not blame these three councillors for this, as I’m fairly sure none of them were involved at the time, but I want to set the record straight.

In my petition to parliament I’d asked for three-for-one replacement trees and others I know had asked for six-for-one. But we were told we were no longer allowed to ask because Camden had agreed for us.

One tiny sapling to replace one huge St James Gardens giant should never ever have been agreed to, it was an insult to us who have lost so much quality of life by a drastic reduction in our green spaces.

Grafton Way, WC1


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