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Seventeen stray cats rescued from Camden Town estate

Feral felines now living on country farms

05 January, 2018 — By Richard Osley

ANIMAL welfare experts have rescued 17 stray cats who had made a housing estate in Camden Town their home.

The RSPCA worked with the tenants and residents association on the Maiden Lane Estate in two separate operations to help the feral felines. Most of the cats have now been re-homed at country farms. Tenants leaders were re-assuring residents this week that they had not been taken away to be put to sleep and had been sent to areas away where they could roam and hunt.

The cats were first seen in the orchard area of the estate in November when nine cats were found and helped into the care of an RSPCA officer over three separate visits. The experts were called back in again last month when nine more were found, including seven kittens. Some were unwell and put on medication. One kitten could not be saved, but the rest have been found new, safer homes.

The RSPCA is now working withe the tenants and residents association on a neutering day for cats.

“There is a problem with unneutered cats on the Estate and this problem will only continue if something is not done. We want to help and encourage residents who may have access issues to neuter their cats,” a report on the association’s website said. “We look forward to announcing this date soon.”

It added: “MLTRA would like to express its sincere thanks to the whole team at the RSPCA especially Hayley Plows.”

The TRA is sharing the RSCPA’s donation page and if you would like to get your cat neutered for free right now you can use this link:

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