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Season’s Greetings from HS2: Noisy demolition work on Christmas Day

Rail mounted diggers will be used over the festive period

16 December, 2016 — By Tom Foot

Colin Swift: Please, please just give us Christmas Day

HIGH-speed Scrooges will shatter the peace throughout Christmas and Boxing Day with noisy bulldozing work.

Network Rail has sent letters out to its “line-side neighbours” in Delancey Street, Park Village East and Mornington Crescent announcing cargo shed demolition works between 7am and 7pm on December 25 and 26.

The letters said the works are being carried out “on behalf of HS2” and that “disturbance is unavoidable”.

“Please, please just give us Christmas Day,” Colin Swift, a celebrated fashion designer and florist who created the lily flower arrangement on Princess Diana’s funeral coffin.

“I am a Christian but whatever your religion, for everybody, Christmas Day is the day we all have off just to chill out.

Mr Swift, who lives in Delancey Street, Camden Town, said: “I can’t believe someone, somewhere didn’t think ‘hey, HS2 is obviously such a big thing for everyone in Camden, why don’t we give them a break on Christmas Day?’”

The letter said “rail-mounted diggers” and freight train rubble collectors would knock down the huge cargo shed “adjacent to” Granby Terrace and Park Village East.

Christmas Day HS2 works is the latest outrage from the Government-funded company in charge of the £63billion project mistakenly sent out demolition letters to the wrong housing block on the Regent’s Park estate last month.

Preparatory HS2 works around Euston, Camden Town and Mornington Crescent have already begun with boreholes being drilled in Park Village East, which has been closed to traffic. The National Temperance Hospital is being demolished and large replacement housing blocks are being built on the Regent’s Park estate.

HS2 is able to carry out works for the project before the Bill has been officially rubber-stamped by Parliament because MPs voted in favour of “enabling legislation”, known as a Paving Bill, which Labour and Conservative MPs have repeatedly waved through Parliament over the past five years.

The House of Lords HS2 select committee is due to publish its findings today (Thursday).

Network Rail said it was “required to undertake these works on behalf of High Speed 2 in order to allow the existing railway to operate safely into Euston during future construction for the high-speed railway”, adding it would “minimise any unnecessary noise” to “line side neighbours”.

Nobody from HS2 was available to comment when contacted by the New Journal.

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