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Schoolboy uses Bar Mitzvah money to buy new chicken coop for Kentish Town City Farm

Micah’s “Chicken House Challenge” aimed to raise £1,000 but ended up collecting £1,885

15 May, 2017 — By Tom Foot

Sonia Tibacov and Micah Samuel by the new chicken coop at Kentish Town City Farm

CHICKENS at Kentish Town City Farm have a new coop after a generous teenager donated his Bar Mitzvah money.

Micah Samuel is a regular at the farm in Cressfield Close, where he helps clean out the coops and sheep pens every Sunday. The 13-year-old, who has Down’s Syndrome, was featured in the New Journal last summer when he pledged to donate all his Bar Mitzvah money to build the chickens a fitting home. Bar Mitzvah is the day a boy “comes of age”, according to Jewish tradition.

Micah said: “The chick shelter is very cool. It’s also tough and strong and will keep the chicks safe from the foxes.” His mother, Leo Samuel, said: “When a Jewish boy or girl comes of age there is a big party – it is a good opportunity to raise some money for a charity. It is about coming into adulthood, that’s what we wanted to teach him, that being responsible for the community is what adulthood is about.”

She added: “Micah works with what he can see and what’s around him. The farm is something that he likes and he happens to have a very good way with animals. Pushing a wheelbarrow around and shovelling poop is quite hard work. But he is motivated and we are really happy to be there because he feels part of something. The farm is something really special, we want everyone to be doing things like this for it.”

Micah’s “Chicken House Challenge” aimed to raise £1,000 but ended up raising £1,885. A plaque on the chicken coop, unveiled on Sunday, says “foxes keep out”.

Simone Uncle, programme manager at the Farm, said: “We are so pleased that Micah and friends raised this money to give our chickens a proper home.”

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