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Scheme is blocking streets and imprisoning people

27 November, 2020

• IN the next few days, Islington Council will be carving up Highbury West, fragmenting an area by blocking streets and creating closed cells.

Announced without consultation just 10 days earlier, the LTN low-traffic neighbourhood is intended to “eliminate through-traffic in the area”.

Except if you live in the area, you are imprisoned. Residents will be forced on to already choked trunk roads and, in particular, will be adding to the queues and pollution on roads leading to Highbury Corner.

Direct journeys across the area are by people living within it are banned, with the only alternatives trebling the distance and quadrupling the time. Meanwhile, no detailed consideration seems to have been given to protect the businesses trapped within.

While reducing through-traffic and pollution is a worthy ideal, fragmenting an area, forcing more cars on to already congested roads, and locking people and businesses that depend on cars into cells is not the answer.

Highbury Hill, N5


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