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Scaffolding left idle at my mother’s block is a scandal

11 January, 2018

Cartoon: John Sadler

• MY mother lives at St Albans Villas, which is on St Albans Road in NW5, and is almost 89, which is why I am writing this letter.

There has been scaffolding up at this block for six months and it has sat idle for these six months too.

I and others have been in touch with Camden Council, who are the freeholders, and have had various explanations (beginning with the CC employee in charge of this being on sick leave to agreeing that there has been a breakdown of communication with the department responsible at the council and those employed to do the work, whoever they may be).

The scaffolding was put up with no letter of explanation to the tenants / owners of this block as to why scaffolding was going up in the first place. Apparently, according to the council, they do not inform their own tenants or there is no obligation to inform. What?

First it went up in the summer, just when one wants to open windows (they open a mere crack with the scaffolding), and now in the winter when it is darker and the scaffolding makes it feel even darker.

Windows cannot be cleaned on the outside at the first floor. Should the council be doing this now considering this is their error of judgment? It makes doing some gardening outside in the front also a bit difficult as scaffolding poles are in parts of the garden.

But, the worst is the scaffolding sitting idle for all these months. Is Camden Council paying for six months of idle scaffolding? If they are is this not a complete waste of taxpayers’ pounds? Are they planning to put this charge on the service charge? How do the residents hold them to account for this? Do the residents need to get a solicitor involved?

What it does show is the incredible incompetence of the council in this particular situation. Shocking.

on behalf of my mother, NW5


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