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Same car ticketed 107 times in Camden over 12 months

FoI reveals deluge of parking penalties in Roger Street

24 April, 2020 — By Richard Osley

A SINGLE car had 107 parking tickets issued to it in Camden over the space of just a year, new figures reveal.

A driver, or perhaps drivers, behind the wheel of a Nissan Murano racked up a maximum bill of £8,570 for the mountain of tickets amassed throughout 2019.

The penalties are billed at £80 each, but are reduced to £40 if paid within 14 days. At least 50 of the tickets fell outside of this discount, however, because they still had not been paid as of last month. Most of the penalties were issued in Roger Street, Bloomsbury, and were for “parking without payment of a parking charge”, according to council records.

The rate of two fines a week made the car the most ticketed vehicle in the borough last year.

Parking charges in Roger Street, a small side street which links Gray’s Inn Road and Doughty Street with limited bays, are priced at £5.92 for an hour-long period, or £11.84 for two hours. Camden’s wardens remain at work during the coronavirus but the council insists enforcement work had changed.

A spokesperson said: “If you spot our parking officers out and about, they are helping to allocate free parking to key workers to make sure they can travel to deliver critical services.”


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