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Review: Spill: A Verbatim Show, at Camden People’s Theatre

05 May, 2017 — By Julia Martincic

“TWO wanks and a sandwich and I’m ready for the day!”

The actors on stage are eagerly singing the line over and over again to an audience snorting with nervous laughter. Spill: A Verbatim Show delivers The Talk with a big T, and quickly manages to establish itself as one of the most liberating, cringy, laugh-out-loud experiences you will have in a long time.

On a simple stage, reminiscent of those high school parties we’ve all been to in our lives, the eager ensemble of Propolis Theatre delve into the world of sexual experiences through different monologues and chats between the actors.

The play is a result of a variety of interviews with people from different backgrounds, sexualities, ages and experiences. They were asked to provide an honest look at what sex really is, and the result certainly is unapologetic storytelling about this all-encompassing, complex and often frustrating part of our lives.

Spill is devoid of clichés and stereotypes. Instead, it aims to deliver a realistic look at everything from kinks and virginity, to bi-, pan- and homosexuality. It also deals with the difficult aspects of sex, from unhealthy power relations and sexual assault to dealing with transitioning from one gender to another and the overwhelming feeling of body dysmorphia.

This is where Spill truly shines – in managing to question and scrutinise the normativity through which we often see other people, opening up a conversation about sex truly reflecting a diversity of experiences. The actors work well as an ensemble, with monologues delivered with just the right mix of charisma and clumsiness.

Spill is the sex-ed we’ve needed but have never really dared ask for; a reminder of just how important it is to talk about sex and sexuality. And it does so in an authentic, funny and sometimes wonderfully awkward way. An important play that doesn’t take itself too seriously, and encourages you to do the same.

Part of Hotbed: A Festival of Sex
Until May 14
020 7419 4841


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