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Review: Finders Keepers, at Park Theatre

Mime, clowning and puppetry combine in this simple tale for children and adults alike

13 April, 2017 — By Angela Cobbinah

Jo Sargeant in Finders Keepers Photo: Chris Daw

Steptoe and Son meets the story of Moses loosely describes Finders Keepers, an engaging two-hander involving mime, clowning and puppetry that adults and children can equally enjoy.

Mr Pharaoh and his daughter live in a junkyard, eking out a rudimentary existence, sorting through scrap and attending to their basic needs without much attention to hygiene.

Their lives are changed forever when a young woman on the run from the police abandons her baby in the yard and Pharaoh and daughter are left to work out how to look after it. Love eventually conquers all, but the story doesn’t end there for it is followed by loss and then a new beginning.

There is no dialogue in this hour-long production, but Jo Sargeant as the daughter and Clare-Louise English, who plays both the old dad and young mum in a super-deft change of costume, bring a simple tale alive with a combination of slapstick humour and physical theatre, helped along by the descriptive use of music and sound.

My seven-year-old granddaughter loved the general clowning about and toilet humour and was fascinated by the puppet-baby, which like all babies had everyone running around it, even when it wasn’t crying.

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