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Review: Citysong, at Soho Theatre

20 June, 2019 — By Clair Chapwell

Dan Monaghan and Clare McKenna in Citysong. Photo: Ros Kavanah

THIS is a luscious play that speaks to the city dweller on every level.

Sarah Bacon’s set is a cracked mirror like a window smashed by an angry fist. It’s used throughout the show in many ways, often as the actors catch sight of themselves and become aware of the passage of time.

Thinking it might be like seeing The Commitments during which I could only understand one word (“feck”), I took along a Dublin mate for translation purposes.

No fear. Citysong is set in Dublin but it generously opens its arms to the rest of us.

From the opening monologue by the cabby joined by fellow cabbies who become mums in labour, we are treated to one family’s evolution but so many stories along the way: playgrounds, raves, sex, dementia.

Caitriona McLaughlin does a beautiful job of directing a stunning ensemble all of whom effortlessly slip in and out of male and female parts.

Movement director Sue Mythen has the performers constantly shifting ages, sizes, status. One minute you sit with your eyes filled with tears and then you lose it completely in helpless laughter.

This is effortless, epic poetry. Dylan Coburn Gray’s play is the rightful winner of the Verity Bargate Award in 2017.

Book now, take friends, it’s a joy.

Until July 6
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