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Residents must have a voice on the Judd Street plan

09 August, 2018

• JOHN Hartley was correct in reporting the fact that all who attended the Bloomsbury Residents Action Group (BRAG) July 24 meeting on the decision to close Judd Street and Lansdowne Terrace would likely be in agreement with healthy active travel objectives, despite their concerns about how they will be implemented, (We need more sustainable, active, healthy forms of travel, August 2).

But there is no reference to the key purpose of the meeting, which was to give residents a voice. Whether you agree or disagree with Camden’s policy objectives, it is a democratic right for everyone to be able to express their opinion, not just in your Letters pages.

Many people feel deeply resentful at the way the consultation process was carried out by Camden in March 2016, now well over two years ago and against government guidelines on when responses should be published.

A key part of the BRAG meeting was a presentation containing detailed scrutiny of the flawed consultation and the selective and incomplete reporting of the results.

In the interest of transparency, this analysis and all comments made by meeting attendees and from residents who wrote to us in response to our invitation letter, are available for download on the BRAG website

Chair, Bloomsbury Residents Action Group


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