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Removal of the artwork was vandalism

09 November, 2017

• I WAS astonished to read your article (It’s Too Late to Save the Queen!, November 2) – and hope that Veolia and Camden Council never again engage in such acts of artistic vandalism.

Of course, not everybody may have liked Loretto’s image of the Queen or appreciated the humour and irony that underlie it. I do not regard it as “offensive” and I’m not sure that Her Majesty would either.

Who could possibly forget the Queen sending herself up in the James Bond sequence that was an internationally acclaimed highlight of the London Olympics 2012 opening ceremony?

I think Veolia’s action, and the extraordinary speed with which the whitewashing took place, show a seriously misdirected sense of priorities when, for example, fly-tipping can be seen on many streets, disfiguring and congesting our public rights of way for weeks on end.

Leighton Grove, NW5


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