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Relaunching Rainbow George’s party

07 February, 2019

Rainbow George

• ON my 44th birthday, the day after the IRA had bombed the Grand Hotel in Brighton, I found myself motivated to form an anti-political party, Captain Rainbow’s Universal.

The party to end all parties entered the “far out” fringe of the British and Irish political arenas a couple of months later, when I stood as it’s losing candidate… 48 votes against the victor Michael Portillo and others at the Enfield Southgate by-election – caused by the death of Sir Anthony Berry in the bombing.

Captain Rainbow’s Universal departed the scene following several other unsuccessful election forays and a Rainbow Alliance with Lord Sutch and his Loonies – when I, in late August 1989, was sentenced to nine months imprisonment – after having been headlined in the News of The World as “Green” party boss is a drugs pusher!

A couple of journalists had lured me to a suite in the then Swiss Cottage Holiday Inn, where I was filmed exchanging 100 tabs of LSD for £150. They ridiculously described me as being “the master pusher behind the acid house craze”.

In the intervening years I’ve formed others, including the Make Politicians History Party… for which I stood simultaneously in all four Belfast constituencies in an assembly election where Gerry Adams announced to the media that he’d given me a preference vote.

I exclusively reveal here that Captain Rainbow’s Universal is soon to be resurrected and allied with a fresh party called The Wonder, to lead the way to the establishment of the world-changing Wise Islands and on to a new European Union that has no countries to support or governments to obey, peaceful, harmonious, leisure-oriented and poverty-free.

It’s going to be brilliant, just wait and see. See



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