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Register to vote on December 12

15 November, 2019

• ON December 12 in Tufnell Park residents have the power to make sure there’s accountability on Islington Council.

In modern democracies, one of the main pillars of good government is elections and electoral accountability.

The change of political leadership or the risk of such change is expected to discipline holders of political power to use it for the public good.

In addition, a strong opposition in local councils can also increase scrutiny of the governing party through institutional checks and balances.

In the UK where “first-past-the-post” electoral rules are the norm in local elections, the lack of local accountability poses a high risk to government integrity as voters may not be able to elect an alternative to the incumbent.

This time it is different. At the council by-election on December 12, the choice is clear and the result will be representative.

In last year’s local elections voters in Tufnell Park were left disappointed after 35 per cent of votes for the Green Party still resulted in all three council seats for the ward going to Labour even though they saw their vote share reduced.

Now one Labour councillor is stepping down and on December 12 voters in Tufnell Park will once again try to obtain plural representation they desire.

There is a straightforward choice between just replacing one Labour councillor for another and maintaining the “difficult to hold to account” 46 Labour councillors (out of 48) or, replacing the outgoing Labour councillor with a Green Party councillor, well-known local Natasha Cox.

The people of Tufnell Park and Islington deserve a council with an opposition that will provide better accountability and, of course, real action on the environmental issues such as the air pollution that affects us all.

And as an added bonus every EU citizen is eligible to vote in this local election and as this may well be the very last time EU citizens are allowed to vote in the UK, I encourage all in Tufnell Park to register to vote – the deadline is November 26 – and to use that right.

Islington Green Party


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