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Praise where it is due, well done to the council’s James Dunlop

07 September, 2017

Ladies public toilets near Camden Town

• USUALLY people only write to complain but in this case I want to write about good service.

As many will know the Ladies public toilets near Camden Town Underground station have been closed for refurbishment for a long time – much longer than the information on the site suggested would be the case.

I contacted the environmental services people in Camden Council and the senior environmental services officer – James Dunlop – emailed me with a full explanation of the reasons for the delay and gave me a revised date in August for the work to be completed.

As we approached this date – without any prompting from me – he emailed me again to explain about the further, unexpected, problems and gave me another date in September.

I then suggested a Portaloo might have been an option and again he replied very promptly explaining why it wasn’t a feasible alternative.

I was very impressed by James Dunlop’s service. He couldn’t do anything personally to speed up the work but he replied very promptly and bothered to reply to all my concerns.

We so rarely express our appreciation of good service that I decided to write to the Camden New Journal and offer praise when praise is undoubtedly due.

Baynes Street, NW1


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