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Potential developers of the Goods Yard site have ignored local views

23 November, 2017

• I AM dismayed, as are many others, that the developer for the proposed Camden Goods Yard site have chosen to ignore the input of local people (Alliance formed to fight massive Chalk Farm retail park development, November 16).

I am equally dismayed that Camden Council have allowed the developer to ignore that input and appear to support their design.

From Barratt’s perspective this development appears to be an opportunity to maximise the profit they can make and not an opportunity to build a high-quality development that will be a great place to live, work and visit.

Most local residents accept that this site has obvious development potential and that Camden desperately needs more housing.

However the sheer scale of this proposal, which will dominate the skyline, is attempting to squeeze in the maximum units possible while disregarding the effect on the area as a whole and also on those who will eventually live in this “sardine-can” development.

I urge Camden Council to reject this application and force Barratt to take residents’ views into account and return with another less dense, more “human”, proposal that takes into account local views and concerns.

Jamestown Road, NW1


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