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Police officer borrows woman’s bicycle while chasing drug suspect

Officer praised for "thinking quickly in a fast-moving situation"

08 October, 2018 — By William McLennan

The chase was caught on the officer’s body camera

A police officer chased and detained a suspected drug dealer using a push bike borrowed from a member of the public.

PC Luke Davies and his colleagues were on patrol in Somers Town when a teenage suspect was seen to run away from a group of known drug users who had gathered in a park.

PC Davies at first pursued the suspect on foot from Oakley Square, along Crowndale Road and into Chalton Street.

“I got to Chalton Street, where I lost sight of him,” he said. “I saw a member of the public crossing the road on a push bike, so I approached her in a bit of a fluster and said: ‘Please can I borrow bike’. She said: ‘Of course you can’.

“I cycled up Chalton Street and she was running along my side, because she obviously wants to get her bike back at some point.”

Another member of the public pointed towards a row of parked cars in Chalton Street, PC Davies said. He then put the bike down and approached the suspect on foot.

“He ran off again and this time I managed to detain him for a drug search,” he said.

The chase was caught on PC Davies’ “body worn video” camera.

The 15-year-old suspect was found not be in possession of any drugs or weapons.

“He said he ran because he disliked police,” PC Davies added.

Police searched the area in case the suspect had discarded a packet of drugs, but did not find anything.
PC Davies said: “As soon as I put the bike down she licked it up and road off. I didn’t get the chance to say thank you.

“It was nice to have a member of the public help us out and try and get on top of these people. It was a shame she didn’t hang around as we would liked to have thanked her.”

Inspector Paul Clarke praised the officers actions and said it was “an example of the work carried out by officers on Central North and their ability to think quickly in fast-moving situations.”


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