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Plight of people like Mr Jankovic goes daily unreported

Kentish Town man is one of hundreds of deportation cases being pursued by the government

07 April, 2017

Stojan ‘ Stoly’ Jankovic, who has lived in Britain for 26 years, suddenly finds himself facing deportation

SINCE the referendum immigration has become a hot topic in the mainstream media. Before, it was virtually taboo.

And now that Brexit is firmly being pursued by Mrs May it is seeping more and more into the public consciousness.

With results, at times, that were not predicted. There is some evidence that the more it is part of the public agenda – and it is encouraged to be so by the government – the greater the number of unprovoked attacks on immigrants or men and women of colour.

What is troubling is that this is down-played by the media – or simply ignored.

Fortunately, because the social media plays such a big part in our lives little can be hidden as it was when the media was the only source of news. We are proud as a local paper to tell it as it is, and that is why we played a large part in the campaign against attempts by the Border Agency to deport Stojan Jankovic or Stoly as he is popularly known.

But he is only one of hundreds of deportation cases being pursued by the government.

To be seen to be reducing immigration is part of today’s political agenda. The government wants to be part of the action. And it is clearly all part of the Brexit manoeuvres. In the long run – and you don’t have to be cynical to believe this – it is hoped it will bring in the votes at the next election.

Yet, if you were to depend on the mainstream media for news you would not know of the magnitude of the number of deportation cases now being handled by solicitors. Immigration lawyers are now very much in demand, more than ever before.

Most glaring is the case of the 17 activists who – extraordinarily enough – chained themselves to the wheels of a plane at Stansted Airport which was carrying dozens of asylum seekers being deported.

It was reported by one or two newspapers but only online, it seems. It clearly wasn’t thought to be significant enough for the print editions.

Yet it was – and should have been reported.

But up and down the country there are hundreds, if not thousands, of cases of men, women and children who are being seriously threatened with deportation – and in the main they are
being unreported by the media.

Too often the media – print and TV news channels – are either afraid to tackle the subject or simply haven’t got the political will.

This is too serious a subject to be left to the political high-ups.

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