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Please give me a wheelie bin

06 June, 2019

Health and safety concerns hit Kentish Town

Copy of email to the manager of Veolia

• I AM sending this email because this was what I was advised to do when I called earlier… asking who the manager of Veolia was.

The person who answered did not know this information for some reason and advised me to email my request. I live in Oseney Crescent, Kentish Town, and my wheelie bin has been removed without an alternative safe place to put household refuse.

I and many – but not all – of my neighbours have been told to put the rubbish in orange council bags to be collected every other week from the street.

The problem is that foxes come along at night and break into the rubbish bags, spreading the contents all over the street and making a mighty mess; (health and safety concern No 1).

I have stopped putting rubbish out on the street for this reason but do not want smelly rubbish in my home so have been storing it in the communal hallway. This is not only a fire risk but I am sure it won’t be long before mice and rats discover this; (health and safety concern No 2).

In view of the recent fire alarms and fire doors that have been fitted at great cost this is a little crazy. I have noticed that some of my neighbours are also not putting out rubbish till the night before collection; (health and safety concern No 3).

It seems to me that having a bin to store rubbish is a fundamental part of my tenancy. So can I have a bin please? I think it is a matter of time before we are over-run by rats, mice, cockroaches and other pests. I also think that the risk of fire is huge.

I hope to hear from you soon as I cannot live like this for much longer and do wonder whose idea this was in the first place. It simply does not work.

Kind regards, sincerely binless.



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