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Plans for the future of Holborn library are a shock

04 October, 2018

• I AM shocked at the plans for Holborn library and Camden Archives, (The proposed development for Holborn Library would ruin the building, September 20).

The local archive certainly does not have the top quality secure storage it deserves and this needs to be addressed. But there are other aspects to consider.

The study room for the archives is spacious and well lit, very suitable for the excellent, often large exhibitions shown there, along with many interesting talks and events.

There is adequate room to do research and the archives are at present fully accessible to local people. This is a very important democratic function, lost if the study area is too separate from the materials.

Sending these back and forth is costly – would Camden, with finances severely cut year on year, be able to properly maintain what is one of the best local archives in London?

Where will these be sent? What is going to happen to them during the noisy and dirty building works? For an archive of this standing, a qualified archivist and a conservator are both essential. Where will the staff go?

The library was built for the people with the people’s money so perhaps there should be a real and open consultation with full (local) involvement, concerning the future of the archive, the library and the whole building. Once again it is an issue of democracy.



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