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Plans for Holborn Library are looking to the future

11 October, 2018

Cllr Jonathan Simpson

• FURTHER to the letter (Plans for the future of Holborn library are a shock, October 4), I would like to clarify our plans for this important facility.

As part of the Holborn Library redevelopment we have been given the opportunity to invest in a modernised and redeveloped library, local studies and archive building.

Frequently requested items will still be available on site while others will be available within 48 hours. The documents stored off site will be held in climate-controlled conditions – a level of care we can’t currently offer.

There will also be provision for a proportion of the archives to be stored in controlled conditions in the redeveloped storage area, allowing us to better preserve them for future generations.

This specialised service needs appropriately trained staff with the abilities and skills, and we will retain the current front-line staff roles, including the position of senior archivist. Camden’s history and our residents’ continuing engagement with it is crucial to preserving our unique identity, diversity, and culture.

The redevelopment also gives us the opportunity to build extra much-needed affordable homes.

We will have nomination rights for these properties and use them to house families in greatest need. Building extra affordable and private homes will also raise funds for the public purse.

We’re proud of the events that have made our borough what it is today and we must also look to the future to ensure we create a legacy that future citizens will thank us for.

Cabinet Member for Promoting Culture & Community Services


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