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Plans for Holborn Library amount to cultural vandalism

11 October, 2018

• I MUST add my support to the indignant protests against the plans to build on Holborn Library building, (Plans for the future of Holborn library are a shock, October 4).

This is not only extraordinary cultural vandalism but also a huge unfair upset and interference with the running of one of the best local history archives in London.

The crass lack of respect for both the collection and the professional staff running it, now and over many past decades, is truly disgraceful. What is Camden Council thinking it will achieve? Another block of over-priced flats?

How many more publicly-owned, fine, old Victorian buildings will our council destroy? How many more libraries will be trashed?

Why can’t officers and officials recognise the value and unique distinction of such a large, and beautifully kept, collection of historic records, involving irreplaceable original documents, books, maps, pictures?



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