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Petition against changes at the ponds

14 August, 2020

Save Our Ponds – Hampstead Heath

• THE letter (Pond swimming should remain free, August 6) is quite right as they have always been a happy place where everyone could turn up casually and enjoy a day of pleasure.

They were formally established by parliament, an elected body, as a free facility for everyone’s benefit but Margaret Thatcher, who did not believe in democracy, removed this and gave them instead to the City of London Corporation, a big money concern that is not such a body.

They need therefore to be returned to public ownership where elected officials who are accountable can see that the public need is properly met.

There have been protests which are likely to continue about this new arrangement of limited entry, which now has to be paid for, and there is an online petition that readers are encouraged to sign here: Save Our Ponds – Hampstead Heath



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