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Our bus services have gone to hell

10 May, 2019

‘Why does Transport for London seem to have it in for us Kentish Towners?’

• THIS last winter a large number of residents, ex-Guardian editor Alan Rusbridger among them, vociferously opposed doing away with bus route C2 – how right they were!

Ever since that route was consolidated into the 88, with one less route serving Camden, our bus services in Kentish Town have gone to hell.

The 88 seems to have very often been furtively turning around at its old terminus at Camden Gardens. The 134 disappeared down Camden Road for weeks and many terminated at Mornington Crescent. In summary bus service down Kentish Town Road seems to have been decimated.

To cap all, we’ve endured weeks on end of a complicated set of temporary traffic lights outside The Abbey Tavern that has greatly added to the lights’ timing cycle, thus backing traffic up in all directions and creating poisonous idling and delays.

And for what? It appears to have been just for straightforward pavement replacement that didn’t warrant any heavy-handed intervention. Why does Transport for London seem to have it in for us Kentish Towners?

Bartholomew Villas, NW5


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