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Official: St Totteringham’s Day is CANCELLED

OPINION: Reader Mac Chapwell explains why 'the future is bright, the future is Lilywhite'

04 May, 2017 — By Mac Chapwell

Some of our readers have contacted us to say they are sick of our Arsenal writer Richard Osley crowing about his team all season, when so many of them are Spurs fans. So it only seemed fair after an embarrassing north London derby for the Gunners to let one of his chief critics on Twitter, Mac Chapwell, who lives in Kentish Town, take over this week’s Score Blimey column…

THE last north London derby at White Hart Lane, the world famous home of the Spurs. The fortress, that has only seen us drop Premier League points against two sides this season. The morning started as most derby days do – waking up at the crack of dawn, heart racing with anticipation. There were the usual nerves, but this time was different.

Dare I say it, there was an air of confidence. We were by far the better side and we were going to win. This was the last north London derby at the greatest football ground in the country and we were going to go out in style. And boy did we do just that. Men against boys. We hammered them. We played them off the park. It was easy. Harry Kane had more shots on target than the entire Arsenal side combined. It could have, and should have, been five or six, were it not for Peter Cech.

Mesut Ozil was reportedly asked to do a drug test after the game – which is a strange one, as he definitely wasn’t on anything performance-enhancing. In every area of the pitch we were superior, and the gulf in class on Sunday was a fair reflection of where the two sides are at this season.

A lot will be made of the fact that St Totteringham’s Day is cancelled this year. And there is no doubt that it is not before time that this day has come around. But in many respects, we’re past all that now. This is a side aiming for the big time, not merely finishing above that lot down the road. Do I love saying “Mind the Gap”? Yes, of course I do. Did I enjoy wishing everyone at the Lane on Sunday a Happy St Woolwich’s Day? No doubt. But in many ways we have so much more to focus on these days.

I’ll leave it to the guv’nor Pochettino to sum it up as he did in his pre-match press conference: “My challenge, or my aim, is not to be above Arsenal, it is to be above 19 other teams. And to be the first. Be on top. I don’t care what happens with Arsenal”. With this fella in charge and the wealth of class we have going forward, there is no reason why next year we can’t be: The future is bright; the future is Lilywhite.


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