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Neighbours fume over Brexit banner on listed Dartmouth Park terrace

'Theresa May kicks ass', says Brexiteer

10 January, 2019 — By Dan Carrier

The pro-Brexit banner

SOME rant on social media, while others stand at a bar, pint in hand, espousing their views.

But one Dartmouth Park home-owner has decided that the best way to share her political stance with the world is to paint a slogan on a sheet and hang it from a first-floor balcony of her listed Georgian home.

To the dismay of some of her neighbours, Henrietta Nasmyth, who lives in Grove Terrace, has posted a banner stating “Theresa May Kicks Ass” and then a daily changing set of numbers on the upper-floor windows, acting as a countdown to March 31 – the day the UK is scheduled to leave the European Union.

She told the New Journal she wanted to express her opinion – and this was a “perfectly good way to do it”. She said: “I am pro-Brexit – I am a Brexiteer – but I do not believe we are going to leave. I think when it founders, and it will do, May will have to resign.”

Around three-quarters of Camden residents who took part in the EU referendum wanted to remain in Europe and the borough has been a focal point of attempts to bring about a second national vote on Brexit.

But Ms Nasmyth says “geo-political forces” are ranged against the country leaving, with the result that on March 31 she believes the UK will simply cease to exist.

“The EU started with the Common Agricultural Policy – and every country which has joined has had their ability to produce their own food removed. Think about Ireland, Spain and Greece – they were all self-sufficient, but not any more,” she said.

Describing herself as a cognitive etymologist, Ms Nasmyth, who grew up in Hampstead, added that she was neither Tory nor left-wing, but was “anti-City”, adding: “ I am against being ruled by obscure oligarchic interests.”

Henrietta Nasmyth outside her home in Grove Terrace, and, below, her home-made countdown to Brexit

Neighbours are not so taken by her attempt to use her home’s facade to kick-start political discussions on the leafy street, where properties cost more than £3m.

One neighbour, who did not wish to be named, said the banner was “anti-social and disrespectful”.

The neighbour added: “This is one of the finest Georgian terraces in London, and therefore the world. It is something we should all look after and cherish, and remind ourselves whenever we walk out of our front doors how fortunate we are to be custodians of such a place. Frankly, the banner looks out of place, and feels disrespectful to a beautiful house, and it is unfair on the neighbours as well.”

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