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Nearly all Islington roads need layout change to make them safe for cyclists

20 April, 2018

• AT the Islington trans­port hustings this week, Councillor Claudia Webbe claimed that she enjoys cycling. But does she ever cycle on Isling­ton roads, 95 per cent of which are her own responsibility?

I dance the twist in my kitchen, and am quite good at it. Does Cllr Webbe cycle in a similar space? Nobody has ever seen Cllr Webbe cycle, and she does not claim to cycle on Islington roads. Is it because the roads she administers are not safe?

The truth transpired when the question was asked: “What is the safe cycle route between Tufnell Park and Highbury?” Cllr Webbe was then forced to admit that there isn’t one.

So, she cycles in her own kitchen, does not cycle in public, presumably because Islington roads are too dangerous, but also has done nothing in all the years she has been in charge of those roads to make them safe.

The rest of us cannot do it ourselves, because we would probably be arrested if we tried. Changing the layout of 95 per cent of Islington roads needs to be initiated by the local transport executive member, for the last four years Labour councillor Claudia Webbe.

It would seem, there­fore, that Islington Labour is for the few who drive, and not for the many who don’t – and who would like to cycle, if the roads were not so dangerous that the person in charge of them won’t use them for cycling on herself, but does not improve them either.

Wedmore Gardens, N19


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