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My village has welcomed the Co-op and it’s fine

11 October, 2018

• I SPEND a lot of time in the Camden area but I live out of town, and the contrast is significant and informative for perspective, (Co-op bows to campaign pressure and scraps Belsize Village plan, October 4). My village is very happy to have the Co-op arrive in the village.

The national buying power means goods are now available in the village that the small local shops couldn’t stock. The shops are competing and one owner has mentioned that the arrival of the Co-op means that villagers are shopping more.

Our bus service doesn’t take us to the local shopping high street. We have to travel into a nearby city and travel back a 30-mile round trip to somewhere that is only just beyond walking distance. It only runs hourly between 7am and 7pm.

During the day, it doesn’t go to the main rail station and it doesn’t go to the small nearer station at all. The bus company talks about financial viability but actually the service barely viable for most people.

I appreciate what your correspondent says about Camden losing services but it is barely a comparison when the Camden area is so well served with public transport.

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