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Mussolini knew who he was out to impress – but what about HS2?

13 December, 2018

HS2; ‘aims to impress shareholders and those who pay no taxes in the Caribbean’

• HAVING been called a liar by HS2 I thought I better check up on the width of the New Euston and the Roma Termini station, (It’s very hard to know exactly where the boundaries of the HS2 carnage lie, December 6).

I therefore overlaid the Google satellite image of Roma Termini on the HS2 project and was amazed to find that the new Euston is to be 170 per cent wider than Roma Termini.

Roma Termini was built by Benito Mussolini to impress Italians with the triumph of Fascism. It succeeded. Quite who HS2 aim to impress apart from their shareholders and those who pay no taxes in the Caribbean, I don’t know.

I have asked experts if a model actually exists of this new station, displayed in a glass case, in Camden town hall or the Royal Academy. Does it show the limit to the height of buildings, the provision of solar panels, wind generators, and green ecosystem of vegetables grown in high level troughs to maximise the oxygen supply to the air of Camden?

Does it show the beauty of the new façade, much wider than the whole frontage of the British Museum and its elegant Ionic columns and side wings. Does it match Pier Luigi Nervi’s Roma Termini with an engineering masterpiece’? The answer is no to all these questions.

What is actually shown is a boundary on a plan; no more no less, a line in the sand of the land-grab within which speculators can build anything they like, with a charade of sham democracy with MPs and councillors grovelling on their knees to the power of very big businesses indeed.

Thus shops are torn down, roads torn up, skeletons packed into their plastic bags, hotels confiscated ancient woods chain-sawn, ready for the pile driver, the cranes and the concrete pumps.

The catastrophe to Camden Market and journeys in and out of London and children choking with asthma begins. Somers Town wrecked and Brill Place Garden built on.

Architect, NW3


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