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Ms Dynamite sees paving stone laid in her honour unveiled at performing arts college

MOBO winner 'humbled' to see achievements set in stone at WAC

06 November, 2016 — By Ella Jessel

SINGER and producer Ms Dynamite returned to her old performing arts college in Belsize Park this morning to unveil a paving stone in her honour.

The Archway-born star said she was “humbled” to be recognised with the award, which was installed in pride of place outside the entrance to the Belsize Park college.

The plaque was awarded by the ‘Paving the Way’ initiative by the MOBO awards celebrating individuals who are trailblazers in their field and “create a path for others to follow”.

It was Ms Dynamite who chose WAC Arts for the commemorative plaque, a place she said helped through her “darkest” moments when she left home to live in a hostel aged 15.

She told the New Journal: “It is a massive honour for me. Particularly because it’s the MOBOs and a lot of their ethos and what they stand for is definitely aligned with what I feel I’m about. I love the idea, with no ego and no arrogance, that even just one young person can see the stone and be inspired.”

The former Acland Burghley pupil added: “Just the fact that there’s something that symbolises you can do anything. Not so long ago I was here drinking my life away and just with no focus and direction and here I am now, found.”

The singer had earlier fought back tears as a group of WAC students treated the star to a surprise rendition of her own 2002 hit single ‘Dy-na-mi-tee’.

Ms Dynamite said she hoped the stone’s message, “Those who are afraid to fall never fly, how will we ever know if we never try”, would inspire young singers not to give up on their dreams.

Karen Napier, who recently took over from Celia Greenwood as the CEO of WAC Arts said: “We’re really delighted to be laying the paving stone outside this iconic building to honour and celebrate Ms Dynamite. In Hollywood they have the walk of fame with 2,500 stars on their pavement. Today we recognise in London one of our outstanding alumni, a singer of absolute star quality.”

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