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MPs should speak up on Camden’s imposing new traffic schemes

30 July, 2020

Tulip Siddiq and Sir Keir Starmer should challenge Camden’s changes to traffic flow and footways

• YOUR July 23 Comment editorial stated that Camden Council is using Covid-19 as an excuse for making multiple changes to traffic flow and footways without consultation, (Radical roads rethink is vital but shouldn’t be rushed).

We know our Labour councillors don’t stand up for consultation. Nonetheless this is a situation which must be challenged not only by them but also by our MPs, Sir Keir Starmer and Tulip Siddiq, who represent the entire borough.

A joint statement from these two, expressing their serious concern at Camden’s abuse of process in imposing multiple road closures, street-narrowing schemes, lengthy diversions, and sudden pavement-widening schemes, all without due consultation, would be most welcome.

But is their uncritical support for all of the council’s activities to be the response we must accept?

Camden is imposing new traffic schemes. They are designed to impede the long-established use of cars and of commercial and emergency services’ vehicles across the borough through the wholesale blocking of roads.

This is a major cross-borough plan that should not be implemented without seeking consent by seeking feedback first.

As the CNJ reported, Camden Conservatives’ leader stated that governmental guidance to councils encourages short-term Covid-19 related changes, but it also required Camden and Transport for London to consult “stakeholders”.

This would have prevented this madness. The council also states that their changes might not be “short-term” and many believe that long-term changes are being sneakily slipped in under the pretence of responding to Covid-19.

On a personal note, anyone in Highgate could have told Camden that, for example, banning everyone from turning right at the top of Swain’s Lane is pointless.

It would create massive inconvenience, jam local roads, and create a lot of air pollution. Open-minded consultation really does have real value.

Makepeace Mansions, N6


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