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March – tell politicians the people need a say on the Brexit deal

21 March, 2019

• PARLIAMENT is deadlocked following two record defeats for the prime minister’s withdrawal agreement with a third vote having been ruled out by the Speaker.

This dislike of a blindfold Brexit is matched by the public at large with analysis by YouGov showing that the withdrawal agreement is the preferred choice of voters in just two constituencies versus 600 for remaining and only 30 for no deal.

I have canvassed local opinion regularly at tube stations in the past few weeks and there is growing support in Camden for a final say on Brexit now we know the terms of the withdrawal agreement.

I will be campaigning again for a people’s vote at Hampstead tube station during the morning commute tomorrow (Friday) as we make the final push for a record turnout for the “Put it to the People” march from Park Lane to Parliament Square on Saturday March 23 to send a clear and unambiguous message to politicians on the need to involve the public in the final Brexit sign-off.

Frognal Gardens, NW3


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