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Many of the top cast of Crossrail have been hired to perform on HS2

13 December, 2018

• TRANSPORT secretary Chris Grayling and parliament have ignored the misery that HS2 has wrought in Camden.

But surely these well-paid politicians will not turn their back on this week’s lesson from Crossrail.

HS2 is brought to Camden by the makers of Crossrail. Many of the top cast from the Crossrail show have been hired to perform on HS2.

HS2 will tunnel directly under my house in Primrose Hill. My neighbours and I have experienced first-hand their cruel inefficiencies and broken pledges.

Please can someone bring the curtain down on the overpaid and rotten HS2 show before it explodes like Crossrail.

Mr Grayling ignores these parallels at his peril. But perhaps he wants to be Lord Grayling of Ashtead.

Gloucester Avenue, NW1


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