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Lifting the cap on borrowing for social housing is opportunity for Camden to up its game

11 October, 2018

• THERESA May’s announcement that the Conservative government will lift the cap on local authority borrowing for construction of social housing is a huge relief.

As well as enabling the construction of more social homes, Camden Council now will be able to follow sensible planning policies in the development of its own land without being forced by financial expediency to do this in a way that is bad for the future of Camden.

In the recent past Camden’s redevelopment of housing estates has resulted in some poor quality city making: inappropriately high-rise housing in Somers Town (luckily not yet built), building too close to the roadway in York Way (where balconies overlook a heavily-trafficked road), too dense development at Bacton in Gospel Oak (one of the highest density wards in the borough) and contorted and contrived design on Grafton Road (the three sisters infill sites).

Now Camden will be able to follow sensible planning policy in respect of building density, building height, housing quality and design, in order to enable good quality, liveable, neighbourhoods for the healthy future of Camden residents.



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