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Let’s not let the divisiveness happen in Camden

22 February, 2018

• YOUR February 15 letters pages made for remarkable reading.

On the one hand, Marx de Morais, former Tory candidate in the local elections, castigated his party, after finally realising the idiocy of their mantra “Brexit does not matter locally”, (The Tory party must change, and I am stepping down as a candidate).

We would welcome him with open arms if he wants to join us as the only party unequivocal in opposing Brexit and creating a fair and tolerant society.

On the same page, the Frognal & Fitzjohns’ Conservatives discuss rubbish and dog poo bins (We are being let down by the council on the emptying of dog waste bins). Important though these issues may be, they appear to have lost their sense of priorities.

The rubbish collection service does need improvement (and the Lib Dems would ensure scrutiny of the Veolia contract to ensure we get a better service). And there needs to better enforcement against fly-tipping.

But the Tories have ignored one of their own when attacked and abused for being a committed European who has a passion for London and the UK.

Marx de Morais tells us that the Tory attitude in Camden has changed: “It is the right wing that has been able to expand and take over more and more relevant positions”. There is a similar fear that Labour could shift to the hard left.

Only Sarah Hayward had the courage to speak out against the cruel personal attacks against Claire Kober in Haringey, who was acknowledged as one of the best councillors in the country but has been driven out by her own party.

Let’s not allow this divisiveness to happen in Camden. The only sensible choice on May 3 is to vote Liberal Democrat.

Liberal Democrat Candidates for Hampstead Town ward


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