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Let’s keep a lid on all this hysteria over bin collections

02 February, 2017

CAMDEN Council seems to have stumbled into a media storm over its decision to start fortnightly bin collections in selected parts of the borough.

This week the tabloids in particular appeared to be having a fit over the decision. For some reason, any disturbance to the normal pattern of waste disposal seems to stir up primitive passions. We can only say: Calm down. Just take it easy.

We have never shied away from criticising the council when they deserved it. On this occasion, in our opinion, they don’t. The council first gave the public notice of its proposal last year to substitute fortnightly for weekly collections. Fundamentally, it is not a question of saving money – it is the need to recycle more waste. And who can disagree with that? Especially when the council shows how little the borough recycles in contrast to successful waste collections in neighbouring Haringey.

It is pure fantasy to believe the council has singled out streets where celebrities and the better-off live in order to impose the new system. In general the environment service appear to have done their best to assess the capacity of households to store rubbish. According to their calculations rubbish will not spill on to the streets.

There will, of course, be exceptions, and the council will have to deal with them. But we believe the council should be given time to bed in this new scheme.

Bowling club ruling ‘fiasco’

THE planning inspector who ruled against the council on the Mansfield Bowling Club should take a long, hard look at themselves in the mirror.

The decision will not only leave a developer rubbing their hands with glee but also, it appears, pass on a huge legal bill to the taxpayer.

The protesters are right when they describe a “sordid fiasco”. Pitched in a serene environment, the club’s finely manicured lawns were often packed out on Sundays.

The tennis courts – also well used – were the among the few clay courts in north London. The council, it appears, will consider testing the decision through judicial review in the High Court. This, however, is a costly process as those opposing the tower development in Somers Town will be acutely aware.

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