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Landlord and tenant – it’s a question of power

09 August, 2018

• JONNY Bucknell trots out a very familiar landlord caricature of the “tenant from Hell” as some kind of justification for not having longer tenancies, and his incorrect assertion that “The landlord could end up with three years of misery” shows that he has not read or understood the government’s consultation document on this very important issue, (I’ve known the tenant from Hell!, August 2).

If he had he would see that even with two and three-year tenancies, the government are proposing an inbuilt break clause of six months, which would allow landlords to evict their tenants “without fault or reason” after just a few months.

Also this organisation and our Renter’s Rights London project deal on a daily basis with the many “landlords from Hell” who operate in this type of housing and their unacceptable behaviour which makes their tenants’ lives a complete and utter misery.

Put very simply the landlord and tenant relationship is all about who holds the power and, as things currently stand, it’s both the landlords and agents in the UK’s private rented sector, and this is something that needs to change as a matter of urgency.

Interestingly a number of Jonny Bucknell’s tenants have recently joined this organisation.

Camden Federation of Private Tenants


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