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Labour needs to get active on campaigning on real issues

09 August, 2018

• YOUR Comment was a welcome call to action over the Post Office closures, (A key service is under attack, so where is Momentum? August 2).

You rightly want to see a campaign which turns out to the wider community, making the Labour Party relevant to those who are not following the discussions which appear at times stoked by those who are hostile to the party.

Post offices are a vital service and must be protected. Another issue looming is introduction of Universal Credit into Camden in December. This has proved to be a disastrous policy, the brainchild of Iain Duncan Smith and now implemented by Esther McVey, two of the worst Tory cabinet ministers.

It has led to terrible injustices as benefits are withheld for weeks. Claimants have been left with no effective help. Camden is gearing up to deal with the expected crisis including rents not being paid. Foodbanks will be in even greater demand.

It would be great to see the whole of the Labour Party, including councillors, come together to give practical help as well as campaigning to help the most vulnerable in our community. While there are many excellent advice agencies with expertise, I wonder if they can cope with the possible level of demand.

Can volunteers be urgently trained now? I’m sure the New Journal will be ready to give your support to such a campaign.



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