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Labour is split, there is only one party to vote for in the May elections

08 March, 2018

• LIKE many Jewish people growing up in this beautiful area in the 1980s and 1990s as a child I thought that the Labour Party would become my political home and so I stood for election to be a Labour councillor.

Over the years I began to understand that, sadly, it is a party which is fixated by your background and identity. If you come from a particular community then your vote will be guaranteed. If you believe in human rights and justice for all then you would only vote Labour. But this is wrong.

The Conservative Party is the only party which believes in true equality and fairness for all. I now feel completely at home in the Conservative Party which does not judge you by your religion, colour of your skin, or bank balance. Everyone will be accepted whatever their background.

Labour is tying itself in knots because it is suffering from a genuine problem with anti-Semitism, as witnessed and described by Cllr Phil Rosenberg. In contrast to Labour, there is a united group within Camden.

Conservative candidates for the elections to the council this May are a truly diverse group of people who have been selected by ability and are campaigning together for better services for our community. There is only one party to vote for in May.

Highgate Conservatives


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